The forgotten people
of history's mysteries...


Their story unearthed in a Jack Holt novel.



About Jack

Jack Holt can often be found researching “the forgotten people of history’s mysteries.” He attended Purdue University and after 39 years retired from banking. Jack has co-authored several local history books and written several magazine articles. Recently, he and his fellow history cohorts received a $10,000 grant from the Indiana History Society to start a mini-museum. He and his wife have traveled extensively in the British Isles.

About The Cup of Christ and the Forgotten Disciple


How could two men from two different families and time periods of twelve hundred years apart possibly have anything in common? While it may seem impossible, yet that is part of the mystery surrounding Joseph of Arimathea and Lord Robert de Borron.

Cup of Christ dust jacket 6-26-18

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